16 years ago, Leonor Espinosa began a journey through the ethnobotany and gastronomy of the cultures that inhabit the various Colombian biomes.

Our creative process is supported by the FUNLEO foundation and is based on elements that allow us to transfer sensations and emotions in a story where feeling, smelling, remembering, traveling, observing, listening and experiencing, to build a narrative of the Colombian cuisine called CICLOBIOMA.

The beverage proposal of the sommelier Laura Hernández is based on ethnic fermentations and own distillates that exalt the biodiversity of the TERRITORY.

The restaurant has two rooms, La Sala de Leo, where we offer a tour of the biocultural richness of Colombian biomes through sensory experiences; and La Sala de Laura, a new space that offers a selection of unique wines and cocktails, with a menu based on local ingredients recreated with world trends.

Eight course tasting

Six courses
Cocoa and coffee Territory

Estimated time 1:40 minutes.

Thirteen course tasting

Appetizers in two courses
Ten courses
Cocoa and coffee Territory

Estimated time 2:40 minutes.

La Sala

Open menu

La cava

In the hands of the chef and the sommelier
(Maximum 4 people)
Estimated time 2:40 minutes.

Champagne Brunch



Calle 65bis # 4-23
Bogotá – Colombia
+57 317 6616866

FUNLEO was born thanks to the vocation of Leonor Espinosa and Laura Hernández for supporting processes aimed to improve the well-being of Colombian communities, understanding gastronomy as an engine of social and economic development. For more than a decade, the foundation has worked jointly with international cooperation agencies, government organizations and NGOs in order to highlight the gastronomic traditions and the biological and intangible heritage of Colombia. Thus, it focuses on promoting a food culture that evaluates the potential of traditional cuisine, biodiversity and national identities.